Social Strategy & Consulting

Is your goal branding and awareness, or selling directly from your website?

Do you care more about site traffic, or social engagement?

How are you tracking your social media marketing to your business goals?


We help answer these questions for you through Social Strategy and Consulting. Best of all, this comes at no cost to our clients who have signed up for our Social Media Management or Social Media Advertising services.

Want to target users in a specific city, state, region, or country? Easy:

Want to target based on demographics based on age, gender, education level, income level, relationship status, job title, and more? We got you covered.

How about interest targeting and behavioral targeting? Check and check – we serve your ads in front of the right users based on their prior purchase behaviors, how they browse and shop.


To use a hyper-specific example, we can target….all 30-40 year old Hispanic women who speak both English and Spanish, are married with two kids, work in the healthcare field, make a minimum income of $100k, own a condo in zip code 10013, just recently moved, have an interest in real estate, love to travel, have a passion for cooking shows, love shopping for Ray-Ban sunglasses, are in-market shopping for a new car, and have visited your website once before. Phew!

We help you find your right target audience, at the right social budget – then we run your Social Media Advertising campaigns for you for the most optimal results.